Truth is an Arrow

Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth?” And his question continues to echo down through time. What can we believe? Is there objective truth apart from our perceptions and opinions? Or is truth merely what we want it to be? Today we have to wrestle with philosophical propaganda, wishful thinking, blatant lies, and fake news all [...]

Food that Perishes

What do you get teased about in your family? Everybody in mine knows I’m likely to push second helpings onto dinner guests and offer leftovers to them as they leave our house. Why? Because I have a thing about good things being wasted. I’m not sure where I picked up my aversion. It was probably [...]

Are You Sappy?

No, I don’t mean sentimental or corny; someone given to syrupy-sweet emotion or foolish romantic ideas. I don’t mean being the first to cry at a touching story. I’m talking about a different kind of “sappy” … “The trees of the Lord are full of sap” (Psalm 104:16). I studied tree sap in science class [...]