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Jeanne (Brown) Hedrick has been writing about life with Jesus for over 30 years. Her passion for the Word of God shines through all her articles and devotionals. She began writing “Adventuring with God” in 2006, sending it to friends through email. In March 2009 she began sharing it on WordPress to a wider audience.

Drawing from the collective wisdom of other Christian thinkers and hymn writers, as well as her own spiritual experiences, “Adventuring with God” highlights the common struggles, setbacks, and challenges all disciples of Jesus face. Jeanne enjoys acquainting readers with time-tested authors from the past to help bring balance to our current perspective on Christian living. She’s also passionate about presenting Scripture in its broadest context, hoping to avoid unnecessary divisions and doctrinal disagreements within Christ’s body. She chooses to “major on the major and minor on the minor” whenever possible.

Jeanne has lived in two countries, the United States and Canada. She’s been married for over fifty years and has four children, fourteen grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. Since becoming a Christian in her early thirties she’s helped her husband plant three churches in Canada. She’s also worked as an editor and proofreader for Bethany House Publishers and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. She’s attended and served in a variety of church denominations. Her spiritual passions are prayer, Bible study, and worship. Her life verse is John 12:24. Her goal is to truly abide in Jesus all day, every day, for the rest of her life.

She and her husband (Tony) currently work part-time as missionaries in Western Europe, helping indigenous church planters reach their communities and challenge popular secular culture. They both love mentoring and encouraging younger Christians to live fully for Jesus. They also share a love for good food, hospitality, and college basketball.

Jeanne is working on publishing a book that will explore seven critical areas of surrender that can influence spiritual growth in followers of Jesus.

5 thoughts on “Meet Jeanne

  1. Hi, you mentioned being Spirit filled and that may have happened to me for lack of a better way to say it. I was reading AW Tozer’s book and I seemed to start to experience what he was describing. Love to hear about your experience.

    1. Hi and thanks for writing! Yes, Tozer is a great writer. I love to read him because his relationship with the Lord was so deep and his spiritual insights were profound. He has definitely had an impact on my spiritual life. Since February of this year I’ve been writing about Christians and how they relate to the Holy Spirit in my blogs. I feel it’s an often neglected subject. We seem to be okay with talking about our walk with Jesus and the Father but are often afraid to pursue a deeper relationship with the Spirit, who is, of course, God as well. I’m so glad to hear you feel you have been filled with the Holy Spirit! It’s an ongoing experience, not a one-time thing, and as you grow in Him, He will open your heart to many new revelations and you will become more and more like Jesus in how you think and react. Whenever I start to sense that I’ve moved away from the Lord in my heart and I need Him to draw me back, I ask Him to re-fill me with His Spirit. It’s not like His Spirit has left me … it’s just that I can no longer sense His work in my life. This prayer He is always happy to answer. Blessings! Keep pursuing Him! Jeanne

      1. ok thanks. I used to be able to feel his presence mainly in a quiet building like a church, the realization reading Tozer was, I have felt him at other times and now seems to be an ongoing experience. Like Tozer said quoting Jacob, I have been in God’s presence and didn’t know it. He is on my mind all the time too. I just didn’t know that was possible, thanks.

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